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  • Single Family Residential

  • Individual Condominium

  • Small Residential Income Property (2-4 Family)

  • Short Single Family Residential

  • Typical "Full" Appraisal: Most clients still require a "full" or "complete" appraisal on the industry standard Uniform Residential Appraisal Report (URAR). You can be assured that out reports are in full compliance with the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). The following is a brief outline of what you can expect in your URAR report.

    • Table of contents and Appraisal and Report Identification
    • Uniform Residential Appraisal Report - Summary appraisal report
    • Replacement Cost Report - Detailed replacement cost report from Marshall & Swiff
    • Market Area / Neighborhood addendum (when appropriate)
    • Comment addendum - Expanded market comments and certification
    • Building sketch - Computerized Apex with area calculations
    • Exterior Subject and Comparable digital photos (Interior when appropriate)
    • Subject plat map and comparable sales and listing map - digital color maps
    • Supporting maps (location, zoning, flood) as needed
    • Miscellaneous addenda may include an assessment history, MLS listing, etc.
    • Qualifications of the appraiser
    • Certification & Limiting Conditions, 6/93

    We provide a full range of complete and limited appraisal services and a variety of summary and restricted appraisal report formats.

    We find that many of our clients do not require a full appraisal when they are familiar with the property and only need a supported market value estimate.

    Please call or email us if you have any questions concerning the best type of report to meet your needs.

    Report Confirmation: We make every effort to contact the client or property owner within 24-hours to schedule the inspection appointment. Our policy is to have a completed appraisal report within 5 days of the date of inspection. At the client's request we will provide a verbal or faxed value estimate and appraisal process updates. For more advanced tracking and ordering systems click here - Mercury Net - Free!

    Most delays are a result of not being able to inspect the property on a timely basis. When ordering an appraisal be sure to provide a "best" contact method to reach the person responsible for providing access to the property.

    Your "hard copy" report will be mailed U.S. Priority unless express delivery is requested by the client. Express mail charges will be added to the appraisal fee.

    We also offer electronic transmission of our reports in digital format for those clients capable of receiving EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) reports. We are capable of transmitting complete EDI reports, with photos and all addenda, in Alamode's WinTOTAL Aurora software, Adobe Acrobat, and Mercury Net formats.

    Finding a Qualified Appraiser: Users of appraisal services are finding that not all state regulated appraisers are equal. Appraisers who are both state regulated and designated by the Appraisal Institute exceed federally mandated state certification standards by meeting stringent experience and education requirements and abiding by a strictly enforced Code of Professional Ethics and rigorous Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice.

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